BCBC Youth Mission Fundraise

Himi kan zuarmi ih kan ngahmi sumpai cu kan mission trip/mission hnatuannak ah hman an si ding. Thazang in peek cio dingah Bawi Khrih hminin kan lo sawm.All proceeds will go towards our mission trip/mission work. Thank you for supporting us!

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect to receive my order(s)?

Because we can only work on your orders after preorders have been closed, please allow about a month to receive your products. With shipping, it will most likely take a little bit over a month.

Ziangtikah kan orders kan ngah thei ding?

Preorder kan khaar hnu lawngah nan orders pawl kan tuah thei ding ruangah thlakhat hrawng in hngaksak dingin kan lo dil. Shipping thawn cun thlakhat hnak in a rei deuh men thei.

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